On November 29, an Italian film directed by Gabriele Mainetti, ‘Freaks Out’, will be screened.

Lazio, the region of the Italian capital, brings to Dubai its cinema and audio-visual industry to tell and spread the value of Italian culture and creativity.

Rome inaugurates the ‘Lazio, Land of Cinema’ week at Expo Dubai, to increase foreign investments and increase the opportunities for international collaboration for Lazio’s enterprises. Among the planned events is the exhibition named ‘Lazio, Land of Cinema – the Land of Magic Craftsmanship’.

A selection of objects and stage productions are on display in the exhibition, including Sartoria Farani’s (Farani’s Tailoring) costumes and Rocchetti e Rocchetti’s wigs from Federico Fellini’s films. Symbol of the exhibition is the story of the three Pinocchio of Italian Cinema: the one from Luigi Comencini, with the wood-made puppet created by the artisan Bartolucci, the stage costume by Oscar-awarded Danilo Donati for Roberto Benigni’s interpretation in 2002, the Oscar-nominated version of Matteo Garrone, with the stage costume by Massimo Cantini Parrini and Sartoria Tirelli (Tirelli Tailoring), funded by the regional project ‘Lazio Cinema International’. The project involves 188 foreign production companies, from 29 countries. Films funded by Lazio Cinema International have been awarded 313 prizes in prestigious national and international festivals, as well as 382 nominations.

A series of screenings called ‘Directors’ Nights’ is part of the regional event on cinema and audio-vision. For the occasion, the film Freaks Out, by the Italian director Gabriele Mainetti, will be screened on November 29. The filmpremiered in cinemas, has been released with the contribution of Lazio Cinema International, in synergy with the Rome Lazio Film Commission. Last year, Lazio has confirmed itself at the first region in Italy, and second in Europe, for investments in the film industry, with an allocation of approximatively 30m of euros in 2021.

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Lazio to feature Italian cinema at Expo Dubai 2020 – BroadcastProME.com
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