Christian feasts: a cultural and spiritual heritage


Christian feasts, significant moments for millions of believers around the world, combine meditation, prayer, celebration, and sharing, constituting a common cultural heritage. In his book, François Berdihan, a specialist in Christian theology, guides us through these festivities, from Sunday to Ash Wednesday, including Christmas, Pentecost, All Saints’ Day, and Easter.

With rigor and clarity, the author explores the history, deeper meaning, traditions, and practices associated with each feast. He shows how these celebratory moments can inspire everyone, whether Christian or not, and how they form an integral part of our common spiritual heritage.

This book, accessible to all, invites us to reflect on the spiritual significance of the highlights of the Christian year while deepening our understanding of our cultural and religious heritage. Whatever our beliefs, this book reveals a little-known facet of our culture and helps us to better understand the richness of our traditions.

About the author

A native of Paris, France, François Berdihan nurtured his passion for Christian theology in his teens, studying the Bible and the writings of the great theologians. Graduating with distinction with a doctorate in theology, he quickly became one of the most respected professors at several French universities, sharing his knowledge through his teachings.

The author of several books on theology, his work is hailed as one of the most important of its time. Invited to lecture at universities around the world, François Berdihan shares his passion with students and academics from diverse backgrounds, helping to spread the teachings of Christian theology across the globe.

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